What do you Get from this Special One Time Only Offer?

You will get another 6000 over unique audio tracks such as full-length music, music loops, sound effects and many more in huge selection of genres.

All the audio tracks also packed with all the premium features such as perfect compatibly with your favourite software, impressive studio quality and crazy values!

Preview the these 6000+ Additional Premium Audio Tracks Below:

* Please note below is just a tiny glimpse of what you will get with Audio Mammoth, this one time offer is packed with 6000 over unique audio tracks and all of them will have similar quality what is shown below.

Preview some of the audio tracks in the Audio Mammoth Upgrade Package

* Please note that the Audio Mammoth Upgrade is included with more than 6000 Unique Audio Tracks covering music, sound effects, music loops and many more.

Below is only a tiny glimpse of what you will get in the package.

Above is only a Tiny Glimpse of what you will receive. Remember, with this Upgrade you will Receive another 6000+ Premium Stock Audios such as music tracks, ambience, sound effects, intros and many more!

Sum up of what you will get with the Audio Mammoth Super Upgrade:

6000+ Additional Unique Premium Audio Tracks

1400 Music Tracks Covering Various Genres.

1300 Ambience, Intros, Outros and Music Loops Audio Tracks.

Huge Library of 3300 Premium Studio Quality Sound Effects.

Upgrade now and Grab double size the Audio Mammoth with another 6000 over Unique Audio Tracks!

* Important! This one time offer will only shown once, so don’t miss out!

Royalty Free License

Audio Mammoth OTO - Royalty Free

* Royalty free license allows you to use the contents in your personal and commercial projects including your the projects you are working for your clients.

Reseller License

Audio Mammoth OTO - Reseller

* Reseller license allows you to resell the contents to your customes and keep 100% of the profits.

Licensing Info

Depending on the license you purchase if you grab the royalty free license you can use these audio tracks in your personal, commercial and client’s project. If you purchase the resell rights license, you will get all the rights offer by the royalty free license but you can resell the audio tracks to your customers. The resell rights license details is listed below:

Reseller license info:

* You CAN resell the product to your customer. Your customer will receive royalty free license. (You customer can use the product in their personal or commercial nature project)
* You CAN use the product as a bonus for product that you are selling.
* You CAN use the product as bonus for affiliate promotion subject to the contents restriction term. (Restricted to 20% of the contents)
* You CAN add, mix and match both the products with other products and resell it.
* You CAN sell both the products individually or as a package.
* You CANNOT add this product to a paid or free membership site.
* You CANNOT resell or distribute this product to an auction site such as eBay.